Every Human Being Wants To Succeed – Part 2

by Attraction Marketing on November 25, 2012

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Can your success anorexia be cured? The Power Mind Course by Ray Higdon is the solution.

The Revelation Of The Success Code


In his book The Secret Code of Success Noah St. John compares the lack of success with anorexia. Unsuccessful people (mostly women, usually very intelligent) want to punish themselves because of the negative self-perception of themselves. This is a form of self-negation. Anorexic tendencies are not related only to food. People can starve themselves of success too. As a result, they settle for very little when they are actually capable of having it all.

Let’s dig a little deeper. In our modern society, people are convinced that their worth comes from their material possessions (or material bodies). Historically, women are expected to have perfect bodies in order to be socially accepted. Combined with low self-esteem about these material and physical bodies, it is natural for women (and people in general) to want to punish themselves for not meeting the high societal requirements. As a result people, develop so called success anorexia (success deprivation).

What we human beings fear the most is being who we really are. As Marianne Williamson said, “our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond imagination.” As I discussed in the previous post, our subconscious mind is in charge of our behavior. It controls 90% of the mind’s state. The purpose of The Secret Code of Success is to give the subconscious mind a reason to agree with the conscious mind so that both parts can work towards success. In other words, there is a way to give yourself permission to excel in life. You deserve nothing less.

You have met and seen people who naturally give themselves this permission. They are on TV, in charge of companies, and serve as leaders and speakers. They constitute about 3% of the world population. These people are both wealthy and happy. Is there a way for you to become a part of the 3%?  I know what you are thinking. You want to go ask them for coaching and advice; however, the catch is that they don’t know how they got there. They are totally unconscious of their process for reaching success.

4 stages of learning - who drove the car?

I have described in another post of mine the 4 stages of learning. I will summarize them here briefly: 1. You don’t know that you don’t know. 2. You know that you don’t know. 3. You know that you know. 4. You don’t know that you know. Example of the fourth stage: you’re driving but you keep your mind occupied with thoughts and daydreams. Suddenly, you find yourself at your destination. Who drove the car? You don’t have an answer.

Similarly, the natural “three percenters” cannot give you the answer (they are in stage 4). The true cause of their success is hidden, but it does not mean that it isn’t there. There is something that they are doing that they are not aware of. Can a bird tell you about the air? You see the dilemma here? The successful people are following a code they don’t know about, and you are asking yourself how to learn this code. It cannot be observed because it is not part of the conscious world.

The Secret Code of Success reveals what successful people do unconsciously. There are seven steps in the secret code. The author calls it “The permission pyramid”. I hope that now you have the answer to how to talk your unconscious mind into participating in your achievements (instead of the “no by default” resolution).

The Power Mind course follows the guidelines of the secret code of success. After taking many self-improvement courses, this was the only one that produced great results for me. I got rid of my mind chatter. I negotiated with my subconscious mind. Now I know my direction. It is awesome!

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Adrienne November 26, 2012 at 3:16 pm

I’ve read Noah’s book Margarita but it’s been over a year and I didn’t remember the part where he compared the lack of success with anorexia. I did enjoy his book though and he’s helped me come to understand more on how the subconscious mind works.

It’s taken me a number of years myself to get rid of my mind chatter. Sometimes it’s still there but for the most part I’m now aware of it and can just stop it and take a new direction. It’s a learning process but one worth taking.

Glad you are finding The Power Mind course a big compliment to what Noah shared and you’re getting great results. I love hearing that and am so happy for you. I appreciate you sharing this with us and again, congratulations.

Adrienne recently posted…8 Silly Mistakes You May Be Making On Your WordPress BlogMy Profile


Attraction Marketing November 26, 2012 at 4:34 pm


This learning process is so easy to explain and difficult to do. It takes the skill to be able to detach and see what you are really doing. Much easier to look at someone else. But once mastered, it becomes natural. Like driving for example.
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