What is a paradigm shift? | Why is it important?

by Attraction Marketing on August 17, 2013

What is a paradigm shift?

What is a paradigm shift? | Why is it important?


Yes, really, why would you bother reading about paradigms? Paradigms are the reason your life is the way it is. Your paradigm is the program running and creating your life.

According to Bob Proctor, a paradigm is a multitude of habits logged in our subconscious mind.

Here are some questions that I have always wondered about. Why there are many bright young adults, graduating from college yet feeling so confused? As a tax advisor I have many clients who stay in school for many years, going through their bachelor and master’s degrees and then finally getting that PHD. They can’t afford to quit school because they don’t have the funds to start paying their student loans.  Graduating from schools does not equal the results we are getting in life. Why do bright graduates keep producing dull results?


We are conditioned genetically and environmentally.  We have been programmed with the language and the lifestyle we are surrounded by. Williams James  said “Deposit the ideas in the treasury of the subconscious mind.” However, a lot of false beliefs have been put in there! A good exercise that shows how we operate is to write down what we believe in.

I was terrified to learn that to me being wealthy meant 2 things: wealthy people are either communists or thieves. Being wealthy was not ethical to me in the least. Then I asked myself why did I believe this? I did not have an answer. I inherited this idiotic belief from my cultural paradigm.

paradigm shift

Behind the culture we are essentially the same, but the paradigm is controlling us. If we start digging deeper and start studying ourselves, we can find a program that is running our lives.

Many people when asked why they do things have no answers.  We do things we don’t want to do, we don’t get any results, and we have no idea why we carry on. We are all in the same loop.

The ultimate purpose in life is to understand that there is a program running our lives called paradigm. The next step is to write a new program and start being in control of our lives. We are designed to be in control of our lives. We are able to do what we want to do, when to do it, and with who we want to do it. It can be done by knowing ourselves first.

Watch the video recording of my speech at the local Toastmasters club on “Paradigm shift“.

It is far from perfect and you can laugh. But the only place to start from is where we are. So here I am.

I have a product to offer. It is a complete training system that teaches you how to become successful beyond imagination. Not only do you get the priceless training but a team that will help you be your very best. There is no a shortcut, though. The only way to succeed is through your personal growth and paradigm shift. It takes time and a burning desire to do great things with your life, and many cannot endure the tasks at hand. They quit.

If you’re a quitter, do not spend your $25 to sign up with this incredible system because you’ll get nothing out of it. However, if you’re willing and committed to do whatever it takes to change your life and that of your children and loved ones, then this is for you. For $25 you will know exactly how to bring this change.

Do you dare to take the opportunity? Well, I will leave you to your decision. Talk to yourself, and if you decide, see you on the other side. We are building something big that will change the lives of countless people! Join the team.

Be blessed!

Empower Network is a hidden factory for leadership and personal development. You will find the support and knowledge to break free from your identification with your thoughts. It is the catalyst to my discovering and accepting my freedom create my world and start my new journey. I was skeptical first, because I resisted it. But it turned out to be my chance to empower my freedom within.
Watch the video in the back office. Haven’t seen so powerful presentation.

Make a decision to be, feel and act as the Creator. Think about your dream lifestyle and the people to be surrounded with. Watch this life changing video to see how a homeless man risen from ashes to become a leader of more than 100,000 followers. To watch is free, but freedom is never free. It takes dedication, imagination and burning desire. Be blessed!

Are you ready to claim your own independence? Are you, really? Do the following:

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See you inside. To your change! To your new found freedom!

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