All You Need Is Within You | Make the Quantum Leap | Here Is the Formula | Book Review “You 2” By Price Pritchett   It is not easy to believe, but we as human beings are capable of exponential improvement through quantum leaps. We can achieve results that are beyond our imagination. I learned [...]


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Everyone Communicates Few Connect | The Inspiration Equation | How To Lead People To Take Inspired Action Have you ever wondered why you make donations to certain charities and do not pay attention to others? Do you know why some of the teachers are loved by the students and some are not even respected? I [...]


What is a paradigm shift? | Why is it important?

by Attraction Marketing on August 17, 2013


What is a paradigm shift? | Why is it important?   Yes, really, why would you bother reading about paradigms? Paradigms are the reason your life is the way it is. Your paradigm is the program running and creating your life. According to Bob Proctor, a paradigm is a multitude of habits logged in our [...]


Jim Rohn On Personal Development | You Cannot Get Rich On Demand

by Attraction Marketing on August 7, 2013


Jim Rohn On Personal Development If you’re involved in a business, then obviously you’re doing it to make a living, which of course has to do with making more money, right? This is the postulate on which the “attracting money law” is founded. We all get paid for bringing more value to the marketplace, but [...]


Motivation Vs Manipulation | How To Expect The Best From People

by Attraction Marketing on August 4, 2013


  Motivation Vs Manipulation Blogging as an online business is about connecting with readers and inspiring them into taking action. The final outcome is some kind of business transaction. You offer a product on your blog and hopefully they buy it. This is a fair exchange of values because you offer something that solves someone [...]


Psh, Yeah Right || Make Money With A Blog

by Attraction Marketing on August 1, 2013

make money with a blog

Make Money With A Blog: Traffic, Connection, Quality Make money with a blog?  Is it really possible? Yeah! Of course it is, and it can be very simple if you learn a few tips on how to get traffic and how to earn Google’s love. I haven’t been into blogging for long, so you might [...]



    Wherever you go, go with all your heart. ~ Confucius ~   Thank you, Confucius. The way you do one thing is the way you do everything, whatever you decide to do each day, do it with all your heart. If you’re working out at the gym, then run on that treadmill as [...]

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The $1,000 Pen | Vick Strizheus On The Language Of Success

by Attraction Marketing on July 29, 2013


 The $1,000 Pen | Vick Strizheus On The Language Of Success Do you really want to succeed? I know that the answer is yes because who doesn’t in their life! Well, I have a question: what do you think about having a $1,000 pen. A few days ago, my millionaire mentor Vick Strizheus posted an [...]



[Daily Daughter Input] Daily Quote #2 || From Neale Donald Walsch And My Favorite Of All Time This post has been contributed by my daughter, Kalina Slavkova. She just graduated from High School and on the way to college. The deepest secret is that life is not a process of discovery but a process of [...]