Motivation Vs Manipulation | How To Expect The Best From People

by Attraction Marketing on August 4, 2013

Motivation Vs Manipulation


Motivation Vs Manipulation

Blogging as an online business is about connecting with readers and inspiring them into taking action. The final outcome is some kind of business transaction. You offer a product on your blog and hopefully they buy it. This is a fair exchange of values because you offer something that solves someone else’s problem! I wasn’t always convinced, though.

As I mention many times in my blog posts, I was raised in an ex-communist country. I was programmed to believe that if someone is doing some kind of business (or God forbid tries to sell you something), he is taking advantage of you and  is stealing your money. If someone is rich, he must be a communist or a thief. After a great deal of effort removing my limiting beliefs, I came to realize that my communist upbringing was irrational.

My intention when blogging is to motivate my readers. Many are very hesitant to take action because they are afraid that they might be manipulated or taken advantage of.

[Motivation Vs Manipulation] How can people know if they’ve been motivated or manipulated?

  • Someone is a manipulator when they try to persuade people to do something that is not in their best interests but is certainly in the best interests of the manipulator.
  • Someone is a motivator when they share an opportunity that is best for both parties. Motivators seek a symbiotic relationship.

Often times, when a person decides to begin building a business on the internet, there are a certain amount of struggles that manifest from not knowing what to do or not having the credibility to move others into action. This is immediately dispelled when you have a family on your side fighting for you and motivating you to take inspired action. Get committed to ONE mission and ONE vision. Your message has to be consistent and clear, and, above all, you have to be passionate about it.

[Motivation Vs Manipulation]

Motivation mastery in action. This is how Empower Network leaders motivate team members. One goal, one vision, one mission. Watch the famous video “Do Not Quit – The Death Crawl” to get the feeling of how we do things.

Through my posts I express my passions and I give you tools that can help you reach financial freedom. You decide whether to take the free information or not.



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