Jim Rohn On Personal Development | You Cannot Get Rich On Demand

by Attraction Marketing on August 7, 2013

Jim Rohn On Personal Development

Jim Rohn On Personal Development

If you’re involved in a business, then obviously you’re doing it to make a living, which of course has to do with making more money, right? This is the postulate on which the “attracting money law” is founded. We all get paid for bringing more value to the marketplace, but we don’t get paid just for desiring or needing something.

To bring value takes some time, either for creating a product or developing a problem-solving service. Unfortunately we don’t get paid for the time it takes to deliver something of value, only for the value we provide.

I believe that we are all given the same opportunity to climb the ladder of success. For instance, you start your career with minimum wage, and you likely ask yourself, “Don’t I get a raise? I deserve a raise!!!” Sure, of course. You can wait for a raise which might occur once every year and only 2%-3% at that.

Obviously this is not the way to riches. At this pace it’ll take you many lifetimes to become a millionaire. But wait! You can demand more because you deserve it! You can go on strike or something, but the sad news is that no one can get rich on demand. This is the wrong philosophy.

OK, I want to discuss this deeper. You understand that if you want to multiply your income by 10 or more, then regular raises, incidental raises, and strikes will not do the job. The solution lies in shifting your philosophy. Here, I’ll say it bluntly: learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job. ~ Jim Rohn
Don’t get me wrong. It’s great to work hard at your job because you make an income, but focusing on personal development will multiply your income while bringing value to others (and yourself). This is a noble purpose.

I’ve been studying Jim Rohn lately. His  talk “Jim Rohn On Personal Development” gave me extremely valuable golden nuggets to think about:

“Success is something you attract by the person you become. You cannot pursue success. You are only to act as a gravity force. If you are to become a leader to others you must be attractive yourself. How do you do that? Through your own personal development. At the end what you become is much more valuable than what you get as compensation.”

Jim Rohn On Personal Development

It is easy to get rich. It is also easy not to.

Things that are easy to do are also easy not to do.


My point being is this: I have a product to offer. It is a complete training system that teaches you how to become rich beyond imagination. Not only do you get the priceless training but a team that will help you be your very best. There is no a shortcut, though. The only way to succeed is through your personal growth. It takes time and a burning desire to do great things with your life, and many cannot endure the tasks at hand. They quit.

If you’re a quitter, do not spend your $25 to sign up with this incredible system because you’ll get nothing out of it. However, if you’re willing and committed to do whatever it takes to change your life and that of your children and loved ones, then this is for you. For $25 you will know exactly how to bring this change.

Do you dare to take the opportunity? Well, I will leave you to your decision. Talk to yourself, and if you decide, see you on the other side. We are building something big that will change the lives of countless people! Join the team.

Be blessed!

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