Did I Hear You Correctly? You Don’t Have $25 To Start Your business?

by Attraction Marketing on September 20, 2013

You Don’t Have $25 To Start Your business

Did I Hear You Correctly? You Don’t Have $25 To Start Your business?

I just got an email today of someone asking me: “What if I don’t have the $25 to join?”

Here is some coaching for anyone that is open to coaching. I personally always ask for permission to give a coaching advise. Because in business I do not say what the client or a teammate wants to hear. Rather what they really need to hear. I am telling you upfront that this is not pleasant, but it will help you. Just listen up!

My thought is that if you have worked at a job for some time now and you followed the “8 to 5 hamster wheel” system, and you do not have $25 to invest into your own business, then something is not right. If the system is not working, it is time to stand up and change the system.




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Here is a killer BONUS for you today (this link shows the most recent hangout only)! MA gave some incredible value on our hangout last night! This should have been a paid webinar that only team can see! If you are at all wanting to earn money online in anything you are currently doing then watch this hangout replay now:


Make it a great day!

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Learn how to take responsibility for your situation and start your own business. Here Is the Formula

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