[Daily Daughter Input] Why The Hell Do I Believe In Empower Network? I’m Just A Kid, Right? | Here’s Why

by Attraction Marketing on July 26, 2013

Believe In Empower Network

[Daily Daughter Input] Why The Hell Do I Believe In Empower Network? I’m Just A Kid, Right? | Here’s Why

What the hell do I know? I’m a teenager, and people ought to be getting formal degrees in network marketing in order to succeed. Ooooooh we have to have jobs and work for our money because money isn’t easy to come by. That’s the way it goes, right?

No, no it doesn’t. Money is a means, not a goal, and the way you receive it is a choice. You can earn your money through a job you love, sure; but you can also earn it by learning how to be a leader that offers value to people; things you yourself hold in high regard.

When people trust you with their money and you’re make a solid income hands free, then you can pursue your vision and goals without the burden of thinking of whether you’re getting a sufficient income and without the guilt of selling people crap. You can be an artist or a basket weaver or a physicist or a lawyer or you can travel the world and teach kids simply because you want to.

Empower Network offers you an immense amount of material that shows you how to succeed in working from home rather than selling bits of your life for some amount of money each hour. No, it’s not eaaaasy money, but you’re given everything you need. What you do with it is up to you.

You’re taught not only the nuts and bolts of marketing but how to have a “YES I CAN” attitude. You’re taught to believe in yourself, and to FINALLY WAKE UP to the fact that any of us can do anything we aspire after. And what’s neat is that you’re supported by a team every step of the way. You’re not left alone with an assload of cosmetics and soap and sent off to sell.

That’s why Empower Network is like no other company. “Tell Jabba I’ve got his money.”

But hey, don’t take my word for it. The following is a Facebook post from recently crowned Empower Network millionaire, Tony Rush. I saw him on stage, and he is truly the man. The force is strong with him.

Tony Rush and The Ring of Power
(*cough* Lord of the Rings reference *cough*)

This past weekend, Empower Network inducted me into The Millionaire’s Club and gave me a huge “Super-Bowl-like” gold ring with over 240 diamonds.

But here’s the thing. This ring isn’t a ring.

It’s a symbol.

It’s a symbol that Lawrence Tam (who once believed it impossible to earn $10k/month from home) really CAN create a 7-figure income.

It’s symbol that a guy like David Wood (who was living in a van a few years ago) can create wealth by following his heart and his vision.

It’s a symbol that Vick Strizheus, who was dead broke 8 years ago, can join Empower Network and pocket over $1M in commissions in less than 7 months.

It’s symbol that a former homeless drug-addict like David Sharpe can make a few powerful decisions and earn millions of dollars while showing others how to transform their lives.

It’s a symbol that someone like me can go from frustrated and burned-out….to building a huge team of people who are living “on purpose” in their lives.

The ring is beautiful. But it’s just a ring.

What matters is that it’s a SYMBOL of what’s possible for YOU. It’s a SYMBOL of what is available for people who play “full out” and go over their dreams and do whatever it takes.

Does this mean that joining Empower Network will automatically make you a millionaire? Of course not.

We go above and beyond in our income disclosure to point out that you may make a lot of money….you make a little money….or, if you’re like most people who sit on their ass and do nothing, you may make no money at all.

Success is all about your own level of commitment, time and effort.

But, here’s the important point: what IF you could make the same powerful decisions right now that we’ve made…?

I’m going for my 2nd million (almost halfway there now)….who’s coming with me? — with Kristian Hoenicke and 8 others.

This past weekend, Empower Network inducted me into The Millionaire's Club

The Intro video is free, and your email goes to my list alone, so you’ve nothing to lose. 

Just get informed!
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Empower Network - No Wussies Allowed

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