3 Simple Skills To Build Online Business | Traffic, Conversion, Community

by Attraction Marketing on July 25, 2013

3 Simple Skills To Build Online Business

3 Simple Skills To Build Online Business | Traffic, Conversion, Community

Starting an online business is, most of the time, confusing and overwhelming. You come to a point where you don’t know which end is up or down, but despite the chaos and confusion, you have to maintain a clear vision of the end result you want.

For example, if you write a blog post, set a clear intention of what you want to accomplish with it. Maybe you want to get 1,000 subscribers, or maybe you want your readers to take some sort of action. Something specific!

You really only need 3 simple ingredients for your online business to grow:

  1. Traffic (eyeballs to look at your offer).
  2. Customers (receive payment).
  3. Community (can you keep your people and provide value?).

Sounds simple enough, right? Now, here’s how to implement each ingredient for successful online business:

  1. Learn to get traffic. This is the foundation. There are many trainings on getting traffic, but the truth of the matter is that you have to dig your own well. Whatever works for you. Here is where you have to crack the code through a focused plan of action and persistence. Free traffic and paid traffic are two options, but you have to learn to measure your performance so that you know which way to go. You cannot improve something you do not measure. Always TEST. Discover your own sources then teach those experiences to others.
  2. Learn to convert prospects into customers. This is the art of communication. Email marketing and copy writing are skills that must be mastered. Your communication is based on your prospects’ vision, not yours, so always keep their needs in mind first. For example, they do not need your blogging system but what your blogging system can do for them. People do not care about the type of lawnmower as much as they care that they can cut their grass.
  3. Learn to communicate with your customers so that you build community. This is about creating a long term relationship. You become a leader of your tribe, and you support them with sincerity and passion. They need to know that you care for them and that they can trust you entirely. This is the key to a long term relationship with your followers, and they will buy repeatedly from you if you go that extra mile. You are in a position to tell them what they need.

Mastering The Online Business

Learn the game. Become a master of the game! The only way to do so is through consistent and perpetual action. Repetition is the mother of mastery. As Sensei Miyagi from Karate Kid taught his student, “wax on, wax off.” Again and again and again, as many times as necessary.

Surround yourself with people who already have what you want. Take advise from people who already are what you want to become. Find a mentor for intensive transformation. The only way to learn is through mistakes, and mentors help you acknowledge and grow from your mistakes.

If you want a game plan that works, follow these 3 simple steps:
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